One day at a time January 12th, 2018

In an attempt to put my best foot forward in 2018 I’m finally getting over my fears and sharing my thoughts in the hopes that it’ll at least be entertaining for you as well as helpful for myself in some way. Before I get into things I first wanted to address these unknown people who are holding me back.

Yeah, I’m not the best writer and there is a good chance that most of the stuff I’m writing might not even make sense. You’ll be tempted to take an opportunity to criticize what I’m writing and you may even use it as a platform to make fun of me with others. The reality is that what I’m writing won’t always suck and at some point, and I’m going to get better at it, okay maybe slightly better, well at least better than I would have been if I did nothing. Yeah that’ll work. I’m going to write bad things and I’m also going to write things that I’m proud of. I’m going to write stuff you won’t agree with and I’m probably going to write things that upset you. But the reality is that today I started this thing and here soon I’m going to write again and again and again. Isn’t that the whole point? Do you even exist?

I just want to share

I really hope that this platform gives me an opportunity to share myself to others and you, the reader, will find it entertaining at some point. I just want to share my stories and learn as much as I can from it all. Take it one day at a time.